He/She is the person who takes the injured people as a result of disasters such as accidents, fires, and people who suddenly become ill due to reasons such as heart attack, paralysis, respiratory failure, to the emergency services of hospitals safely, by making their first treatment in situ when necessary.


- He/she determines the problem by examining the patient's condition and environment, via obtaining information from his/her relatives.

- He/she applies first aid techniques to the patient according to his situation.

- He/she provides the assistance of the police or fire brigade when necessary, to safely place the patient in the ambulance.

- He/she provides emergency care to the patient on the way.

- He/she delivers the patient to a health institution and informs the relevant people about the patient's condition.

- He/she performs first aid duties in the emergency department of hospitals.

- He/she also acts as an ambulance driver when necessary.


Paramedics work in the ambulance services of university and state hospitals, private health institutions and workplace emergency units. Due to the fact that vocational education is given in a small number of universities and the student quota is low, graduates do not have much difficulty in finding a job. The importance of "Ambulance and Emergency Care Technician" is better understood when the loss of life and disability caused by the inadequacy of first aid, rescue and transportation services.