Our Mission:

Our Vocational School; benefiting from  knowledge of science and technology in the light of universal values, has undertaken to train highly qualified and professionally competent individuals who are respectful to social values at associate degree level in the field of health services needed by the country.


Our Vision:

To be a leading educational institution recognized at national and international level in the field of health by developing new programs that the health sector will need, in line with the benefits of the developing age with its high education and training quality.

Our Values:

In line with the mission and vision of our university, our core values are supported by the following principles:

- Quality and up-to-date vocational training,

- Learner centeredness,

- Responsibility towards society,

-  Environmental awareness,

- Lifelong learning,

- Open to technology, informatics and development

- Employment orientation.

Our Goals:

It is  our main goal to be a vocational school that puts students at the center of its activities, continues its contribution to production, practice and services in the field of health for the benefit of humanity and the country, and has a respected place in the field of education.

-To train technical personnel who are fully equipped in    educational processes and fields, have professional knowledge and skills, have a sense of responsibility, and have high ethical values.

- Working to increase the emphasis on practice in education

- Adding employment-oriented courses to the curriculum and updating the curriculum on the basis of technology and informatics.

-To lead the studies that can be done in this regard by increasing the participation level of academic staff in scientific research, publication and scientific meeting.

-To ensure the continuation of the effective and efficient work of our instructors.

-To create a dynamic academic and administrative staff that constantly renews itself